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J3 BURLINGTON ITF 2019 April 5-12

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37th All Canadian Junior Championships
CLUB Rules and Regulations for ITF event participants: ITF CS club Rules

MAIN DRAW ORDER of PLAY, Thursday April 11th

Starting at 09:30 BS Tom LEBLANC CLAVERIE (FRA)
vs [7] Nick LAGAEV (CAN)
Starting at 09:30 BS Joshua LAPADAT (CAN)
Starting at 09:30 GS Isabelle KOUZMANOV (USA)
vs Melodie COLLARD (CAN) [2]
Starting at 09:30 GS Ana GELLER (ARG) [1]
vs Oleksandra GORCHANYUK (CAN)

Followed by BD Blu BAKER (GBR) / Blaise BICKNELL (USA) [1]
vs Keshav CHOPRA (USA) [3] / Maxwell MCKENNON
Followed by GD Jennifer GADALOV (USA) / Charlotte RUSSELL (GBR)
vs Maryam AHMAD (USA) / Julia ANDREACH (USA)
After rest, NB 12:30, GD Oleksandra GORCHANYUK (CAN) / Marina STAKUSIC (CAN)
vs Melodie COLLARD (CAN) [2] / Erica DI BATTISTA
After rest, NB 12:30, BD Nick LAGAEV (CAN) / Daniel MILAVSKY (USA) [4]
vs TBA

Practice courts are available
Qualifying draw:
Friday 2pm-4pm, 6pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-9:30am & during the day
Sunday 11am-11:30am
Main draw:
Saturday after 7pm, Sunday 6pm-8pm
Mon-Fri 7am-8:30am & during the day

Practice courts regulations:
30 min per player; 4 players per court; booking at the tournament desk


NOTE: Official ball is Pro Penn Marathon Extra-Duty

Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sportsclub
Location: ACE Tennis at Cedar Springs, 960 Cumberland Drive, Burlington